Not just a good fortune, Chocolate Fortunes. The leading distributor of gourmet chocolate treats including our famous Chocolate Fortunes, dipped in only the finest chocolates.
Click here to see the most unique, gourmet, special chocolate gifts you have ever seen. Our Giant Fortune Cookies. Our Baby Giant Fortune Cookies are also hand dipped in chocolate and make for a wonderful treat, no matter what your flavor. If you have a special occasion that needs that special good touch to make a big difference, then look no further. Buy our traditional chocolate fortunes in large quantities. Try decorating your cookies today! Our Almond Chocolate Dipped Cookies are so memorable, you wont want anything else. Made fresh and using only the finest chocolates. Our gift bags are the perfect gift for any occasion. In many varieties to fit any taste bud.  
Enjoy any of our great tasting hand dipped fortune cookies. Our signature gift bag is also a gourmet treat for any age or occasion. Customize your own message for many of our products to give the perfect message for trade show, father day, mother day, christmas, secretary day, birthday, valentine day, etc.
Our tasty chocolate fortunes also make wonderful wedding, corporate, bridal shower, baby shower, or any custom gift. And dont forget about our famous homemade, home made, Georgia's chocolate pecan pies or our Hawaii's chocolate macadamia nut pies. And finally we have our collection of unique almond cookies also hand dipped in white chocolate, dark chocolate or white and dark chocolate. You have to taste them to believe how great they are.

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Dont forget that we can make your chocolate fortunes custom. Why not get the your own custom message inside to surprise your guests, friend or family.

What We Do

Chocolate Fortunes! is the largest distributor of hand-dipped personalized and decorated chocolate covered fortune and almond cookies since 1987.

Chocolate Fortunes! specializes in hand-made hand-dipped chocolate covered Giant and Baby Giant fortune cookies and traditional fortune cookies in many chocolate flavors including your choice of dark chocolate, milk chocolate, white chocolate, butterscotch chocolate, peanut butter chocolate, dark mint chocolate, and our famous Rainbow of Flavors chocolates.

Our Rainbow of Flavors include your choice of pink chocolate, yellow chocolate, orange chocolate, red chocolate, blue chocolate, violet chocolate and green chocolate.

Gift Ideas

Chocolate Fortunes! products are a great gift idea for every occasion, birthday, graduation, student care packages, movie or game night, kids gifts, businesses, special times with family and every holiday under the sun. We even offer a free personalized message in our Giant and Baby Giant fortune cookies!

Our Hand Made Giant Fortune Cookie

Chocolate Fortunes! has been making our Giant fortune cookies as big as a football measuring 7" wide and 7" tall dipped and covered in any chocolate of your choice, decorated with a free bow color and your personalized message inside for over 20 years.

Our Chocolate Motto

Here at Chocolate Fortunes! we pride ourselves on our customer service, quick turn around time and our perfection for high quality products. Every order is important to us! Because here at Chocolate Fortunes!, we believe that "Chocolate Makes Life Worth Living!"


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